Covid-19 Training Guidelines

Updated September 29, 2021

With the guidance and approval of the Region of Waterloo Public Health office, Karate Canada and the Ontario Karate Federation, we are thrilled to be re-opening the dojo.  In doing so, the first priority is the safety of everyone entering the studio; students and parents alike.

Driftwood Martial Arts is doing everything required and more to provide you the safest training experience possible, however, no protocols can provide 100% protection.  All members returning to training do so at their own risk.

Your family’s adherence to these guidelines is key in helping keep everyone safe.  Please review these guidelines and protocols with your children to ensure they understand.  We can also walk you through the procedures during a pre-arranged tour/appointment.  

Here are the measures currently being put in place. These are subject to change.


  • Staff members self-assess and pre-screen for symptoms before coming to work each day.
  • Studio is thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom at the start or end of each day.
  • Hand sanitizer is made available throughout the studio.
  • High-touch surfaces are sanitized frequently throughout the day.
  • Training equipment is sanitized after every use.
  • Training floor is sanitized thoroughly each day and more frequently as needed.  


  • Do not visit the dojo if you or someone in your home are not feeling well, regardless of symptoms.
  • If you have travelled outside of Canada and have been advised by health authorities to self-quarantine please let us know that you will be absent.
  • We are aware that it is cold/allergy season, please cough or sneeze into your shoulder/arm if necessary.


  • AS PER REGION OF WATERLOO BYLAW masks are required to enter the building. Students may remove their mask while they are engaged in physical training.
  • Lobby seating is limited to 8. Parents are encouraged remain in their cars or enjoy the weather until winter settles in.
  • Retail and administrative services are open, however, our lobby is limited to 8 people. To avoid waiting outside we recommend an appointment for retail purchases or administrative visits.
  • There is no early drop-off or late pickup.
  • Public change rooms are open for limited use.  All members are encouraged arrive in uniform ready for class. Change rooms are currently for one participant (or family/social group) at a time.
  • Students should arrive prepared for class with the following:
      Pre-filled water bottle.  Students must bring disposable bottles home.
      A personal bottle of hand sanitizer for in-class use.
      Sparring gear.


  • Students / Parents must complete an online prescreen form before each and every class: . This is a legal requirement.
  • Students line up by the front entrance for their designated class time.  Students will not be allowed to enter early or late.
  • PARENTS – please remain on-site until your child’s class start time. If there is any problem with your child’s pre-screen or if they have arrived at the incorrect time we need to address it promptly.
  • All persons entering the building will sanitize their hands.
  • All persons will maintain 2m social distancing at all times.


  • Masks may be removed once class begins.
  • Students remain at least 2m apart during training activities.
  • At this time we have re-introduced the following activities:
      Self-Defense and sparring with partners (masked)
      Punching and kicking target drills with partners (masked).
  • Masks may be removed for students working with a partner in their family/social bubble. Partner pairs will remain properly distanced from other pairs.
  • When a student must to leave their training area to use the washroom, get a drink or during other times that travel is necessary around the room they will put on their mask and be directed along a socially distanced route of travel.
  • Instructors will remain 2 metres from students.  Should a student require first aid treatment the 2 metre barrier will be broken with appropriate PPE used by first-aider.
  • If a student becomes ill during class they will be isolated and early pick-up will be arranged for the entire group (if necessary) and a complete cleaning will be done.


  • At the end of class students will exit immediately.  Staff will assist with exit procedures.
  • Students must be picked up during the designated departure time. We cannot allow entry for the next class until the current class has exited and any cleaning has been completed.  Please be respectful of fellow members and arrive promptly for pick-up.


Driftwood Martial Arts will continue to monitor this situation closely and will do what is in the best interest of keeping everyone safe.  We urge that everyone that is part of the Driftwood family please do your part in protecting yourself, your family and community.  Together we will rise above this.

We thank you for your understanding and flexibility during this time.  As always, please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.