Fitness Registration & Waiver - ADULT
Must be 18 years old to complete this form. If participant is under 18, please complete for Minor.
for Participants over the Age of Majority in the Province of Ontario in which the athletic activities are provided by DRIFTWOOD MARTIAL ARTS INC. WARNING: THIS AGREEMENT WILL AFFECT YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS. READ IT CAREFULLY! The parent/guardian must read and understand this waiver prior to the minor participating in athletic activities. The following waiver of all claims, release from all liability, assumption of all risks, and other terms of this agreement are entered into by me (the “Participant”) with and for the benefit of: their directors, officers, employees, volunteers, business operators, agents and site property owners of DRIFTWOOD MARTIAL ARTS INC. (or “DMAI”). DMAI is defined in accordance with the definition of Occupiers contained in the Occupiers Liability legislation in the Province of Ontario. Please check each item below after reading and understanding each item: