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Welcome to Driftwood Martial Arts.

Karate programs for everyone, from 3 years old to adult. All fitness levels are welcome! Martial arts classes are more than exercise. They empower us to protect ourselves, build inner and outer strength and give us confidence, clarity and discipline. Because of their focus on building strong bodies and minds, martial arts are an effective way to manage stress, boost energy, lose weight, achieve mental focus and enhance personal safety.



Ages 3.5 to 6
Listening skills, fine and gross motor skills, socialization skills and a whole lot of fun! Life skills, fitness and fun!

youth karate

Youth Karate

Ages 6 to 14
Through karate, our kids learn about conflict resolution, self-defense, bully busting strategies, perseverance and self-esteem.

adult karate

Adult Karate

Ages 15+
Gain physical strength, a healthy body, strong mind and self-defense skills by joining these dynamic classes.

cardio kickboxing

Cardio Kickboxing

Ages 13+
Fun, high-energy fitness classes relieve stress, promote weight loss and boost your cardiovascular health.

karate for kids

Karate is Great for Kids!

Martial Arts is good, clean fun for kids... and a great way to give kids a head start on life. They'll learn the positive benefits of self-discipline and confidence, develop co-ordination and increase strength and flexibility. Children develop the ability to listen, learn and achieve within a highly regulated environment.

Learn More about Karate for Kids

More than punching and kicking...

Discover the added benefits of martial arts training at Driftwood Martial Arts.

karate friends

Make new friends.

You'll meet new people who share similar goals and train with them several times a week. How could you not end up friends?

international competition

International competition.

Driftwood students have competed and placed in championship karate tournaments in Canada, United States, Carribean and South America. Who knows where we'll end up next!

role model

Be a role model.

Have an influence on the next generation of martial artists. Take advantage of leadership and community service opportunities with our assistant and instructor programs.