COVID-19 Information

Driftwood is currently closed (but not for much longer).

We will be reopening soon! We have been given permission through Ontario Karate Federation and Waterloo Region Public Health to begin teaching classes again. There are strict protocols for social distancing and sanitization that we’re implementing. Members have received an email with a questionnaire about returning to training. Please complete it ASAP. We need a reply from every member.

More information coming very soon. We can’t wait to see everyone!

UPDATE 29/4/20
We are still closed as per government guidelines. Adult & Youth karate and WeeKick all have classes running online. Visit our ONLINE TRAINING page to learn how to participate.MEMBERSHIP STATUS
All fees on karate memberships are still in place. All members will receive 6 weeks of held membership time. Beginning May 4th, membership time will be live for all members participating in online classes. If you are not participating in online classes your fees will still be due and we will continue to hold your training time.

If you aren’t participating in classes and would like to have your fees and time continue to support your dojo during this time please contact us. Thank you for your support!

Members who need to freeze their payments please contact us.

UPDATE 1/4/20
The State of Emergency has been extended by another 2 weeks and schools are closed until at least May 4th in the province of Ontario. We are closely monitoring the situation and will reopen when we are permitted. Driftwood is continuing to offer our members at-home programming and live online classes. Visit our ONLINE TRAINING page to learn how to participate.

UPDATE 25/3/20
Driftwood Martial Arts will remain closed until at least April 13. In the meantime, enjoy your Karate and Kickboxing classes from the comfort of your home. More information here: ONLINE TRAINING

UPDATE 18/3/20
Whew! What a year today has been!

Today we received news from our government that we must close until March 30. While this was not what many wanted to hear, it’s not unexpected. We are optimistic that this is a short term, 2-3 week halt to business in Ontario.

I am working on at-home training plans to help keep our members busy, fit and moving forward. I’m also looking at ideas for virtual classes and videos! I’m not very techy, so no promises on the videos. 😉

Of course we will be extending memberships for the time missed in all programs while we are closed. This will ensure members are receiving all training time and the amazing instruction expected from our programs.

As you know, we are a family run business and have staff who depend on us for their sole source of income. This closure will affect us as it will many of you. Our overhead continues in spite of the forced closure (as confirmed by our landlord today). As we suspend training time for the temporary closure, regular payments will take place as scheduled. Should this situation extend beyond that time we, of course, will make any necessary adjustments.

Students will receive every minute of instruction paid for.

I urge you to consider the short term for now and bear with us through this time. We want to make sure we can return to full operations once this has passed.

If you have questions or are facing any difficulties, please contact us by email ( ) so that we may assist you.

These are historic times. How we deal with this challenge will be our legacy. Please stay in, stay safe and stay healthy. Support your local small businesses in any way you can. Look out for your neighbours and enjoy this time with your families. Send virtual hugs to our nurses, doctors and front line workers.

Most importantly, stay calm; this will pass.

Much love and respect,
Kyoshi Adette Rice

UPDATE 15/3/20
A message from members of your martial arts community in KW: Driftwood Martial Arts Inc., Heritage Martial Arts & Fitness Centre Inc. and Legacy Shorin Ryu KarateAs a community of martial arts leaders, we have been monitoring the COVID-19 situation very closely. At this time, after much consideration, the decision as been made to close for March break (March 16 – 21) after which time we will re-evaluate and determine the next course of action.

While we are very confident with the enhanced measures we have put in place for sanitation, hygiene and the limiting of contact during activities we also understand and appreciate the concerns that members may have.

Due to the rapidly changing nature of this situation it is important for our members to be checking email and staying up-to-date by visiting our website and checking our social media pages. If you have any questions please contact us via email, phone responses will not be available.

Rest assured, all programs will be properly compensated for any lost training time.

UPDATE 12/03/20

  • Children’s toys have been removed from the lobby.
  • Check-in tablets have been removed from lobby. Instructors are doing manual attendance updates.
  • Importance of personal hygiene before training is being discussed in classes.
  • Person-to-person activities are being reduced.

UPDATE 13/03/20

  • Limiting activities with hand to mat contact.
  • Limiting contact with equipment.
  • Meetings with all staff, instructors and assistants to outline best practices.
  • Additional hand washing/sanitizing in place during classes.
  • Additional internal cleaning procedures.

Our first priority at Driftwood Martial Arts is to provide a safe environment for our students, staff and guests. The news regarding Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) is constantly being updated as new information is released. The volume of information can be overwhelming. Driftwood Martial Arts is taking direction from health agencies at the local, provincial and national levels.

Public Health Ontario advises that the risk of community transmission is low. If this changes we will update our members.

As a fitness centre that deals with a significant amount of person to person contact we already have in place a very high standard of practice for cleaning and hygiene. Each year, during flu season, we implement an enhanced cleaning regime to prevent the spread of infection when transmission is high. These enhanced measures will continue to be in place and adapted as necessary.

As always, all students are required to wash their hands before class. Students should also take care to avoid touching their face and to cover their mouths if they cough to reduce the spread of germs. Students will be directed to cleanse their hands (by hand washing or use of hand sanitizers) after partner work and after handling their mouthguards after sparring. 

Due to recent shortages students are advised to carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer in their bag. We will continue to provide access to hand sanitizer to all students as long as supplies are available.


Region of Waterloo Public Health has shared these recommendations to help reduce the spread of germs including the flu and COVID-19:

  • Stay home if you are sick;
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water, or use hand sanitizer;
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth unless you have just washed your hands;
  • Cover your coughs and sneezes with a tissue or your arm, not your hand;

Concern over this new virus can make children and families anxious. Children look to adults for guidance on how to react to stressful events and need factual, age-appropriate information. Teaching children positive preventive measures, talking with them about their fears, and giving them a sense of some control over their risk of infection can help reduce anxiety.

Avoid misinformation.

The Government of Canada, Ontario Ministry of Health and Region of Waterloo Public Health continue to provide up-to-date and evidence-based information on their websites so that you have the information you need to make informed decisions about your health. As this is an evolving situation, we continue to remind people of the importance of using credible sources to stay informed, and encourage others to do the same.

Here are some resources to help you stay informed with the most accurate information: