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KidSafe Youth Karate

Kids Grade 1 - 9
Karate is designed to do much more than teach your child to punch and kick. KidSafe is about a healthy body, strong mind and a winning attitude while having fun. Give your child a winning advantage. Enroll Today!

Respect, Self-Esteem & Bully Busting

The KidSafe program uses traditional martial arts values to combat issues of peer pressure, self-esteem, motivation, discipline and more. Beginning with respect, not only for others but also for oneself comes an understanding of the need for peaceful resolution to conflict. A KidSafe child learns to avoid, remedy, mediate and manage bullying situations.

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Fitness, Flexibility, Coordination & Balance

The physical benefits of martial arts training are many. Our goal at Driftwood Martial Arts is to combat the growing epedemic of obesity and poor health related to lack of physical exercise. Martial arts, by it’s very nature, is a fun an effective way to keep the body fit. Many seasoned athletes cross train with martial arts to maintain peak performances.

Perserverance, Confidence, Motivation, Goal Setting & SUCCESS!

KidSafe kids develop confidence through success. Students quickly realize the benefits of hard work, goal setting and perseverance, which rapidly affects other areas of life including: schoolwork, home life and participation in other activities. We believe that self-esteem is developed by the successful achievement of goals; obtained through effort. The satisfaction that comes with a success well earned is something KidSafe kids want to repeat and the result is a child committed to success.

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Protection, Direction & Safety

Our world is full of challenges and dangers. Just watching the 6:00 news can makes parents feel helpless. Stranger danger and street proofing alone is simply not enough. KidSafe begins by teaching your child how to recognize potentially dangerous situations and how to react quickly and effectively. We teach practical techniques and present them in a variety of situation specific settings.

Your children deserve the best future possible. Give them an advantage by enrolling them in the KidSafe Youth Karate program.

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Financial Assistance

Subsidies may be available for those families that require assistance. Click on the logos below for more information.

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Weapons Training

Enhance your child's martial arts training experience with traditional weaponry classes. Safe and fun, they'll learn Filipino escrima plus kobudo utilizing bo, jo, sai, and tonfa.
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Be competitive.

Tournament competition teaches team spirit, tenaciousness, sportsmanship and more. Ask about local, regional and international competitive opportunites.

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Be confident.

Life lessons from karate will carry forward into everyday life. Self-esteem and confidence are gained through hard work, perseverence and achieving goals.

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Be a role model.

Have an influence on the next generation of martial artists. Take advantage of leadership and community service opportunities with our assistant and instructor programs.