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Freedom From Fear

During periods of extreme stress, such as a physical or verbal assault, our body will react based on the fight or flight response. With proper training, you can equip yourself with the skills necessary to deal with a threatening or dangerous situation.

Assault Prevention for Women

Using practical, easy to learn techniques and strategies, our basic Assault Prevention course covers a variety of physical and verbal situations. We get to the heart of the matter as we discuss assault prevention through awareness and avoidance of threatening situations, and psychological, social, and legal issues involved in self-defense.

This class is taught by our head instructor, Kyoshi Adette Rice and employs the assistance of female instructors to aid you in your learning experience. Physical fitness is not necessary in this course. All women, regardless of build, fitness level, age or physical limitations, can participate. You will be taught to use your body, as it is today, to defend yourself effectively. Women with any type of physical limitations are strongly encouraged to attend as there are inherent vulnerabilities.

The course will cover:

  • Foundations of personal safety
  • Physical and sexual assault
  • Stalking
  • Relationship abuse
  • Date/aquaintance rape
  • Home safety
  • Travel safety

You will learn to:

  • Defend against a variety of attack situations
  • Use verbal techniques such as calming, distracting and reasoning
  • Call to bystanders
  • Seek legal and medical assistance after an assault
  • Find emotional support

Host Your Own Course

We can bring Freedom from Fear to you! Do you have a group that would benefit from our course? We've brought our program to local high schools and businesses. Yours could be next.

Give us a call at 519-579-5656 to book our beneficial course for your group.

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