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Weaponry / Kobudo

Youth & Adult Classes.
Increase hand/eye coordination, balance and agility in this exciting, challenging class.

Kobudo (weaponry) training is a wonderful enhancement to our karate program. Children in particular benefit from the hand/eye coordination, balance, strength and agility developed through consistent practice. Because of the more intense nature of the program, students are required to demonstrate a basic knowledge of karate techniques as well as strongly developed character skills such as respect, compassion, self-control and motivation before joining the class. This, in itself, often draws the best from the student as they work to be a part of and remain in the kobudo program.

The Driftwood Martial Arts Kobudo Program is designed to introduce students to a broad range of weapon arts. The core of the curriculum is Okinawan weaponry, which involves the use of the bo (long staff), jo (short staff), sai (truncheon), ton-fa (baton), kama (sickle) and nunchaku. In conjunction with Okinawan training, we have instruction in Escrima (stick training from the Philippines) and jo and sword techniques from Japan.

female bo training

The kyu belt curriculum (under black belt) is designed to expose students to a variety of weapons while at the same time providing strong historical and theoretical knowledge base. Upon reaching black belt, students have the choice to continue with the existing program which includes all of the kyu belt weapons plus the addition of new weapons designated for the black belt level (this is recommended for those wishing to pursue a career in martial arts) or students may choose to specialize in one or two weapons of their choice.

A pre-requisite of yellow belt (for adults) or orange belt (for youth) is required to attend these classes.

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