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Staff Instructors

We strive to offer all of our students a safe learning environment where they can become strong both physically and mentally. This starts with great instructors. Our instructors do more than just teach karate. They are energetic, enthusiastic, disciplined, inspiring and motivating. They are role models to the children.

All instructors at Driftwood Martial Arts:
 - have Police Clearance for working with the vulnerable sector
 - have up-to-date First Aid & CPR
 - completed Respect in Sport certification.

adette rice shihan

Adette Rice, Kyoshi

Nanadan - 7th Degree Black Belt - Head Instructor

To say that Adette Rice is passionate about her work would be a huge understatement. Her approach to teaching martial arts is heavily rooted in classic tradition while incorporating modern teaching methods and her own unique blend of energy, discipline and fun. Shihan Rice brings to each class an infectious energy and enthusiasm which motivates everyone to work towards his or her own personal best.

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sensei ryan potter

Sensei Ryan Potter

Sandan - 3rd Degree Black Belt

Ryan began training in 1999 at the age of 8. Ryan combined the boundless energy of a child with the commitment, focus and dedication of a person much older. This attitude, with talent and a desire to be the best has carried Ryan throughout is training and continues to be his defining quality. Ryan earned his Shodan in July 2008.

Ryan has always been a constant presence in the dojo. As an active volunteer at Driftwood Martial Arts events, Ryan is able to share his training experiences with our younger students. He regularly volunteers at children’s training events, seasonal events and charity fundraisers.

Ryan brings energy and enthusiasm to every class he teaches. He motivates the children to do their best and won’t settle for less. The students admire Ryan and parents see him as an ideal role model. He projects health, fitness, determination, respect, compassion, self-discipline, motivation and the achievement of goals. These qualities led him to be the recipient of several Driftwood Martial Arts student awards as well as the KYAC Sports and Recreation Award. Never far from his mind is Ryan’s family, whose support and commitment have made his successes possible.

In June 2014 Mr. Potter was promoted to Sandan (3rd degree) and awarded the title of 'Sensei' by Kyoshi Adette Rice.

sempai nicole couturier

Sensei Nicole Camara

Sandan - 3rd Degree Black Belt - Personal Trainer

In the Driftwood Martial Arts ensemble of instructors, Nicole is our consummate performer, from witty comedienne to intense drama queen. Once she steps onto the dojo floor however, she is all business and that business is teaching a first-rate class.

Nicole began her martial arts training in the fall of 1999. In 2003 Nicole received her first Fitness Instructor Sepecialist (FIS) Certification from CanFit Pro. Nicole earned her black belt in Goju-Ryu Karate-Do in August of 2004 and was promoted to Assistant Instructor.

Nicole took a break from her training in 2005 when she travelled to Japan to work as an English teacher. Her cultural experience in Japan adds a wonderful depth to her knowledge of Karate.

She successfully earned her 3rd degree Black Belt in March 2015. Currently, Nicole is the primary children’s instructor, the head of the Cardio Kickboxing program and is a WeeKick instructor. In December 2016, Kyoshi Adette Rice awarded Nicole with the title of 'Sensei' for her hard work and dedication to our students.

jacquie kimmel

Sempai Jacquie Kimmel

Nidan - 2nd Degree Black Belt

Jacquie started her martial arts career in August of 2006 at the age of 12. After years of dance, gymnastics and synchronized swimming it was time for a change. In the summer of 2006 her dad suggested she try karate. Before she knew it she was at Driftwood Martial Arts for a week of summer karate camp and then her years of training began. Jacquie was one of the few female students in the children’s program when she started and after four years of staying motivated moved up into the adult program. She has to continued staying focused, training hard and being actively involved in the dojo.

Jacquie started assisting WeeKick and youth karate classes at orange belt and later became a full WeeKick instructor as well as a Cardio Kickboxing instructor. Jacquie is currently a part-time instructor of the KidSafe Youth Karate classes, striving every day to be a positive role model.

Jacquie earned the rank of Shodan in September of 2012, being the first female child student Driftwood to accomplish this goal. She is continuing her climb up the mountain of Karate and Kobudo training under the compassionate instruction of Shihan Rice and has earned her 2nd Degree Black Belt in March 2015. Ms. Kimmel was awarded the title of 'Sempai' in December 2016. Sempai

anna zeilstra

Mrs. Anna Zeilstra

Shodan - 1st Degree Black Belt

At the age of twelve, Anna attended a free Tae Kwon Do class and was instantly addicted to the world of martial arts. At sixteen earned her black belt in Tae Kwon Do but stopped training a few years later to focus on her studies at the University of Ottawa. Despite joining other team sports, she found that she missed the unique training environment that martial arts provided and began her search for a new dojo when she moved back to Kitchener in 2006.

After attending trial classes at several clubs, Anna walked into Driftwood Martial Arts and knew instantly that she was home. Anna received her black belt in September of 2012 and could not have done it without the love and support of her dojo family.

Anna is presently employed in Community Corrections and sits on the provincial executive board for the Probation Officers Association of Ontario. When she is not working, Anna can be found recharging her spirit by teaching and training at the dojo. She currently teaches the Saturday morning open kata class and thrives on the ever changing class dynamic. Anna likes to combine her sense of humour with her martial work ethic to give the kids a wonderful experience every Saturday morning.

max tauro

Mr. Max Taruro

Shodan - 1st Degree Black Belt

Max has been training at Driftwood since he was 5 years old. What was originally just an after school sport for him has developed into an important aspect of his life. Throughout his childhood he has participated in other activities but Karate is the one that has stayed in his life. In August 2014, Max was promoted to the rank of Shodan being one of the youngest black belts at Driftwood.

Max is an avid competitor and often attends tournaments. In November of 2014, he went to Brazil to compete in the World Championship of Karate(WKO) and medaled in all of his divisions. Max has grown with karate and it will continue to be a large part of his life.