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Kyoshi's Message

Watching You

When I was teenager, a person I greatly respect said to me “live each day as if a child or your mother were watching”. It’s advice I took to heart and to this day I endeavor to live by that statement. The dojo of course is a microscopic version of the world at large and training as if someone were always watching us forces us to perform at our best at all times.

The truth is, someone is always watching us. Junior belts for direction and guidance watch senior belts. In the dojo, as in business, those starting at the bottom look to the top to learn the ins and outs of success and failure. Someone is watching even the lowest ranking white belt. Those who have not yet developed the courage to put their own toes on the line are watching the newest students.

Dojo etiquette is passed down the line by observation much like manners are passed down from parent to child. To avoid making a faux pas a new student will watch and imitate the etiquette demonstrated by a higher belt.

How do you want others to see you? What image do you convey? Is it one of a hard worker dedicated to self-improvement and committed to the dojo and Sensei? Or is it one of someone who shows up, puts in the time and gets by, committed only to the idea of being a martial artist? Or is it the image of a slacker, giving only half effort.

You have control over how you are perceived and subsequently how your peers will respect you. Train hard often and consistently, take part in the events and be part of the team. Demonstrate compassion, gratitude and respect at all times and you will convey the message that says, "I’m a martial artist, an artist of life”.

I’m sure your mom will be proud. I know mine is.