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Dojo Rules & Etiquette

Karate begins and ends with courtesy and respect for each other at all times, inside and ouside the dojo.

  • All students will behave as ladies and gentlemen at all times, both inside and outside the dojo.
  • Higher belts will aid lower belts and lower belts will follow the instruction of higher belts.
  • Do not criticize other martial arts or martial artists.
  • No alcohol or drugs before class.
  • No food of any kind is allowed in the dojo.
  • No gum chewing is allowed in class.
  • Students are expected to arrive in enough time to be prepared for class by start time. We recommend 10-15 minutes before your class time. Any students more than 5 minutes late may not be permitted to train.
  • Absolutely no smoking is permitted anywhere in the club or within 10 feet of all entrances.
  • If you smoke, please do not smoke in your karate gi. The smell will follow you into class.
  • Each student will bow upon entering and exiting the training floor.
  • No student will provoke violence or allow him/herself to be provoked into violence. If this rule is not observed, the participant(s) face expulsion from the club.
  • No sparring or physical contact of any kind is permitted without the expressed pemission and supervision of Sensei or a black belt.
  • No loud talking, laughing or profanity is permitted. Remember the dojo is a serious place of serious study.
  • Personal cleanliness is essential. Nails must be clipped, feet and hands must be spotless and hair must not interfere with your training.
  • All jewelry must be removed before entering the dojo. It is a risk to you and your partners.
  • All karate ka must wear a clean pure white gi. All uniforms must be in good repair. Pants and must be hemmed above the ankle. Sleeves must not extend past the mid forearm when the arm is extended.
  • Under no circumstances will any form of karate be taught by any member to a non-member. As well, no students should teach anything to any member without Shihan's permission.
  • All students should refer to the head instrucor as 'Shihan'. All black belts should be referred to by their proper name ie. Mr./Mrs./Ms. Smith. If you do not know a black belt's proper name, please ask.
  • At the discresion of Shihan Rice, any member of the club may be suspended from the dojo, either temporariliy or permenantly for not complying with any of the above rules.