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Adult Karate

Ages 15 & up.
Regardless of age, ability or current fitness level you will quickly begin to realize the benefits of martial arts training. Martial arts training is a great way to get fit, beat out stress and meet people with similar interests and goals. Enroll Today!

Physical Benefits

Our adult programs are designed to challenge all levels of fitness without feeling overwhelming. Our instructors will help to tailor the exercises to work within your fitness ability. Classes are built on a structure of cardio vascular conditioning, musclular strength and toning and flexibility using traditional martial arts training as the foundation.

Mental Benefits

Through regular training, the mental benefits of the martial arts quickly become apparent as students notice improved focus and concentration, greater stress relief and management, improved confidence and an overall greater sense of well-being. Martial arts is much more than punching and kicking, it is a holistic approach to physical fitness and improved mental health.

Self Defense Skills

Of course we cannot talk about martial arts training without stressing the invaluable self-protection skills you will learn. It’s no secret that our society is growing increasingly dangerous and while we would like to believe that we are invulnerable to the crime we see on the evening news, the truth is, it is around us everyday. We owe it to ourselves as responsible citizens, parents and friends to arm ourselves with the skills and knowledge necessary to protect those we care for.

All of these benefits and a whole lot of fun.
What other activity offers such a complete package?

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weapons kobudo

Weapons Training

Enhance your training experience by learning traditional weapons. Filipino escrima plus kobudo utilizing bo, jo, sai, tonfa and more. Ask your instructor for more information.
Learn More!

Be competitive.

Tournament competition teaches team spirit, tenaciousness, sportsmanship and more. Ask about local, regional and international competitive opportunities.

Make new friends.

Training alone at the gym not for you? Karate classes bring together like-minded people. Meet new people with similar goals and motivations.

instructor role model

Be a role model.

Have an influence on the next generation of martial artists. Take advantage of leadership and community service opportunities with our assistant and instructor programs.